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Unfortunately motorcycle insurance is rarely cheap; but Ducati Insurance offer competitive rates with leading underwriters, protecting you both in terms of service and realistic renewal premiums.

We offer multi-bike and/or multi-rider policies and our close ties with insurers mean in many cases where a risk would normally be declined we can negotiate acceptable terms.

To ensure you are fully protected we offer a range of additional products and services including Breakdown Cover and comprehensive claims & accident assistance cover.

Buying insurance can be a bewildering and it's tempting to go for the cheapest option; but just like a mortgage you need to be sure you've got the best deal and the most appropriate product.

Paying over the top for cover is one thing; but finding you're not covered in the event of a claim can be disastrous.

Should you find a cheaper insurance quote elsewhere, please contact us to discuss it. Often cheaper insurance is not as comprehensive as it appears, there are hidden costs & penalties if you claim and your Ducati will almost certainly not be repaired by an authorised dealer.